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Still working from home? Here's 5 tips for smart snacking

Still working from home? Here's 5 tips for smart snacking

Sticking to healthy snacking habits can be challenging when working from home and often seeking comfort in food. Yet, good nutrition is particularly important now when we need to keep our immune system strong.

Take the compliment, you worked hard for it

Small steps in changing your habits, may mean big strides toward your goal.

Getting a good compliment can feed your mood often long after the moment has passed and you’ve slipped out of that great outfit back into your ‘eatin pants.

Putting yourself in the position to receive more comments such as these by taking care of your body feels especially good.

Life Beyond Therapy: The only diet that works

We work so hard to change how we look on the outside, but we forget about the inside. We think that if only we found the perfect diet/exercise plan, that we’d become the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Adam Winter Lifestyle in Hillcrest has grand opening | VIDEO

The grand opening will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 4 to 6 pm. All are welcome to stop in to meet Adam Winter, see the studio, partake in smoothies, healthy juices and snacks, and receive a special introductory offer.

Trans Fit: Try these new waves of grain

Tired of the same old oats, wheat and barley? Chris gives you the scoop on some much more exotic grains and grain substitites to give a try, and they are good for you, too.