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Will the real Nathan Fletcher please stand up?

In the course of a year, Nathan Fletcher went from Republican to Independent to Democrat, leaving San Diego's LGBT community wondering exactly where he stands.

Lesbian lawmaker elected to California Senate

California Assemblywoman Cathleen Galgiani, a Democrat from Livingston who came out just over a year ago, apparently has won a tightly contested race for the state Senate.

Bob Filner elected mayor of San Diego

Bob Filner wins election as mayor of San Diego on Tuesday, denying Carl DeMaio from making history as the first gay Republican to take the reins of one of America’s largest cities.

COMMENTARY: NOM is skating on thin ice

NOM has sued 23 states to invalidate their election laws so they can bully anyone who goes against them, and they do it with secret money.

COMMENTARY: The dichotomy of Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney wants you to "Believe in America," but as presidential candidate what does he really believe about health care, gay rights and a woman's right to choose?