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David Kato

RGOD2: Remembering rightly

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle writes that most LGBT people younger than 25 have no connection to our recent past. Equality is now an expected right and the LGBT community has not been good at “remembering rightly.” Things need to change.

RGOD2: Sponsors needed to bring LGBT activists to World AIDS Conference

It is heartbreaking to read some of the stories of the 120 people who have applied for scholarships to the St. Paul’s Foundation so they can come to the World AIDS Conference in July in Washington, D.C. Can you help sponsor more participants?

RGOD2: Getting out of hell, an Easter parable

LGBT people have been historically and universally condemned to hell. The Easter message liberates us and invites us to live authentic and full lives, even when we are condemned by many religious institutions.

RGOD2: Remembering David Kato, a light shining in the darkness

The murder of Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato left an indelible scar in our hearts, but there are unmistakable signs of healing around the world. The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle looks at the changes in the year since David's slaying.