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CSUSM: We’re failing so give us more money!

With the poor reputation CSUSM suffers within the Cal State system, this proposed We’re-failing-so-give-us-more-money fee just validates the school’s snickering peers, Kit-Bacon Gressitt writes.

COMMENTARY: A vastly vapid conspiracy

Someone claiming to be Matt Weaver sends an email claiming he has never been the editor of The Koala. Imagine that!

COMMENTARY: Pondering results of an electing inaction at CSUSM

"Without high standards for campus community participation reinforced with actions, without well-articulated and specific condemnation — not censorship — by the administration, without any repercussions for harassing the collective majority of the diverse student body, it is inevitable that at least one student would determine that he would try his hand at, say, election fraud."

COMMENTARY: CSUSM president responds to hate with platitudes

But apparently she does believe that platitudes and impotent resources restricted by tushy-covering legal counsel are an adequate response to the bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, obscenity and glorification of violence spread across the CSUSM campus via The Koala.