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COMMENTARY: Another "Christian" myth - the “war on Christmas”

Real religious liberty means that religious freedom must exist for every single American, not just for the sect of conservative Christians who are trying their best to influence our government and have their beliefs be the law of the land.

COMMENTARY: Hate, shoot, mourn

Isn't it time to have a meaningful discussion on common sense gun control?

COMMENTARY: The Supreme Court, Prop 8, DOMA and the gun-toting "Christians"

The danger to the gay community is not going to end simply because of a Supreme Court ruling. No matter how they rule – folks will be keeping their weapons locked and loaded and ready to defend what they believe is their America. As sad as it is in the year 2012 – the gay community still has much to fear.

COMMENTARY: I knew I wasn’t straight when …

For as long as I can remember – that’s how long I knew I wasn’t straight. Now – if you were to ask me when did I finally admit it and start living openly as a lesbian? Well now – that would be the age of 50 – ten years ago.

COMMENTARY: Obama and Romney do lunch!

Recently re-elected President Barack Obama and failed GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney had lunch last Thursday, and what fun it is to imagine their conversation. Perhaps it went something like this. …

COMMENTARY: Here come the holidays

Celebrate in your own way – honor your past and make memories for your future.