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COMMENTARY: Separate but equal is never equal – ever

A civil union is not a marriage and does not offer the same legal benefits, dignity and respect as a marriage - just as separate but equal was never, ever equal. It was, and is, merely – separate.

COMMENTARY: Who’s been hit with the stupid stick?

It’s been so, so stupid in political La-La Land of late. Bad stupid! One might have thought we’d enjoy a reprieve after the presidential elections. But, no.

COMMENTARY: Obama linking Selma to Stonewall divides black community

The momentum in support of same-sex marriage in the African-American community is seen nowadays along generational lines. It is ironically divided between — the black civil rights era of MLK and post-black civil rights era of Obama.

COMMENTARY: It’s not about the guns

Are people really pissed about the possibility of new gun laws in our country – or are they pissed that it’s a black man standing up and saying we need to get real about gun laws and regulations, and background checks.

COMMENTARY: “So This Is Christmas”

The words to this John Lennon song have kept repeating over and over in my head the past few weeks. I just keep thinking: “And just what have I done?”

COMMENTARY: America's problem, young white men in crisis

The problem of young white males and mass shootings has been screaming out at us for some time, culminating unfortunately with the recent massacre at Sandy Hook. What is going on here?

COMMENTARY: Visit to an "insane asylum" proves to be life-altering

After the school-shooting rampage in Connecticut, America needs to reassess how it treats the mentally ill ... on top of finding new and creative ways to establish gun control without violating the Second Amendment.