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COMMENTARY: Black Gay Pride is distinct and emblematic

Black Pride contributes to that struggle for equality, demonstrating an African diasporic aspect of joy and celebration that symbolizes not only our uniqueness, but it also affirms our commonality as an expression of LGBTQ life in America.

COMMENTARY: Stop the hate! Free Kate!

Is homophobia behind the charges against an 18-year-old girl for having a relationship with a younger high school girl?

COMMENTARY: The hyphenated Americans

Do you believe there will ever be a time in these United States of America when we will not be known as gay-Americans and just simply be Americans?

COMMENTARY: Coming Out 101

"I believe every person who has the strength and the courage to come out and live their truth is quite brave and in some sense of the word – a hero."

COMMENTARY: Jason Collins, the great black hope

In a sports world that has become overwhelming shaped by African-American male players and masculinity, Jason Collins's coming out celebration has everything to do with timing, gender, race and many more straight brothers embracing their gay brethren.

COMMENTARY: No matter what you do, you’re gonna die

Cancer doesn’t discriminate – gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Russian, someone everywhere in the world has suffered and died from cancer. If cancer doesn’t discriminate, why should we?

COMMENTARY: Life is precious, so choose wisely

"I don't want to feel weighed down with the burden of being angry at everyone who has decided that it's the gays who are to blame for what is wrong in their lives."