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COMMENTARY: CSU sneaks toward academic elitism

Now, producing revenue is generally considered a good thing, but doing so on the backs of public university students who can least afford it results in a failure to honor the CSU instructional mission.

COMMENTARY with VIDEO: No excuse for attacks on transgender people!

Fortunately I have never experienced the type of bulling and physical abuse the poor transgender girl in Baltimore experienced last week, nevertheless it is my responsibility to shine a light on this hatred and initiate change. Evil only needs good people to remain absent to succeed.

COMMENTARY with VIDEO: Why we are better than they

When it comes right down to it, chillun, people who choose to hate, people who hate anonymously, people who lie about hating, people who humorize hate to render it invisible, these people who hate are just not as good as the rest of us.

COMMENTARY: Malcolm X was "gay-for-pay"

I am not heterosexist apologist, but if we, as LGBTQ, use this era of Malcolm's life to claim him as gay, we misunderstand the art and survival of street hustling culture.