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COMMENTARY | The bold-faced lies of LGBT Weekly and Bob Filner

Let’s examine how LGBT Weekly fabricated several articles – erroneously blaming Johnathan Hale and Hale Media for a water fight at Balboa Park that got out of hand -- in a blatant attempt to stick it to the rival media company and falsely spread blame to the mayoral candidate not supported by Corbin.

COMMENTARY: My being gay is not my opinion – it’s my life

Being straight isn’t an opinion – it’s a life. Being black isn’t an opinion – it’s a life. Being a Muslim isn’t an opinion – it’s a life. Being gay isn’t my opinion – it’s my life.

COMMENTARY: I think therefore I'm finished

Kit-Bacon Gressitt's return to college proves to be an eye-opener: "Instead of plunging into a sanctuary of intellectual exploration, challenging concepts and collegial discourse, I had to battle a vortex of classism, homophobia and sexism to get through most of my classes."

COMMENTARY: Is awareness of HIV enough?

The North County LGBTQ Resource Center, which opened in Oceanside last December, is partnering with North County Connection to provide an HIV testing site that complements the center’s social and support activities.

COMMENTARY: "Gay Oreo" boycott is making me fat

One Million Moms doesn’t want corporations to actively fight gays, but just stay neutral. We all know what silence equals -- which is why something as seemingly benign as a rainbow cookie is so repugnant to them.

COMMENTARY: Bitch session

Yes, overt attacks against women demand attention and correction, but words also do damage, and the sexist words we use warrant correcting, even words like “bitch session.”

COMMENTARY: Say a prayer to whom?

Kit-Bacon Gressitt returns from studying in Spain to an America gone nuts: Censoring a female lawmaker for saying "vagina" in an abortion debate; a cross-waving bigot bashing General Mills over marriage equality; and a birther elected judge in San Diego County.