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Coming out

Commentary: Who's telling the truth at LGBT Weekly?

LGBT Weekly Publisher Stampp Corbin says this, and "Mayor of Hillcrest" columnist Nicole Murray Ramirez says that. So who is writing fiction over there?

Hanky time: Young man records coming out to his mom | VIDEO

A young man named Ryan Dubs decided to capture on video his mother's reaction to his coming out. After recording the heartfelt moment, Dubs posted the 11 minute video to YouTube and it has already gained nearly 30,000 views.

Heart & Soul: Coming out to ourselves

"But no matter what our experience of coming out to world was, I believe it is a separate (and even more important) process as we come out to ourselves."

COMMENTARY: As billionaire James Pritzker becomes Jennifer, here's what's next

Coming out is a deeply personal act that can be motivated by many factors, and every coming-out process is unique. However, here are some of the hurdles and joys Jennifer Pritzker is likely to face, drawn from the experiences of other courageous transgender public individuals.