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City of San Diego

Apartment complexes in San Diego could become smoke free

A proposal is circulating through a San Diego City Council committee that if passed, would give non-smoking tenants the power to make their living environments smoke-free.

K-Rails on 10th and Robinson streets in Hillcrest removed

Traffic is moving a lot smoother at 10th & Robinson in Hillcrest now that a set of "K-rails" have been removed, which previously forced motorists exiting the 163 freeway into one lane of traffic.

PRESS RELEASE: Dumanis releases 100-day plan

Bonnie Dumanis says that, if elected, in her first 100 days in office she will promote economic growth, protect quality of life, and transform government.

VIDEOS: Imperial Court royalty faces deportation

Allan Spyere, current Emperor of the Imperial Court de San Diego, was arrested Sunday and now faces deportation to his homeland of Brazil.