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City of San Diego

Destructive palm weevils found along San Diego-Tijuana border

Palms that the South American palm weevil threatens includes: date palms, Canary Island date palms, coconut palms, African oil palms, sago palms and Washingtonia fan palms. Adult South American palm weevils are black and sometimes have a velvety appearance.

May 25 workshop to explain how to get involved in civic groups

Local government decisions are not just made by politicians and a coalition of organizations are putting together a workshop to explain how citizens can get involved with a number of opportunities in the City of San Diego.

Hillcrest Town Council presents its recommendation on redistricting

The Hillcrest Town Council has sent a letter to the City of San Diego's Redistricting Commission presenting its proposal for the new layout of City Council District 3. The map is similar to the plan proposed by the LGBT Redistricting Task Force.

ACTION ALERT: Help shape our community TONIGHT!

Redistricting matters, because more than campaigns, cash or candidates, district lines determine who will make major decisions about your life for the next decade.