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War on Christmas continues

But there is a difference, in my opinion, between Christian apologists and Christmas apologists.

More than a decade now, when this holiday season rolls around we can always count on a yearly kerfuffle about what the appropriated season’s greeting should be, exemplifying the continued chapter in the culture “War on Christmas.”

This year we can see the divide between both religious and political party lines.

San Diego couple create Trump Christmas tree

South Bay couple adorn their Christmas tree with Trump-themed ornaments.

A South Bay couple have decided to festoon their entire Christmas tree with an homage to president-elect Donald Trump.

Ginny and John tell San Diego’s 10 News that they create a different theme every year for their tree, and this year that decision was an easy choice.

LGBT holiday ornaments infuriate Christian group

These tree ornaments have set off a U.K. Christian group.

A DIY Christmas project has gained some momentum thanks to social media and one Christian group has taken notice.

Artist Mark Thaler was inspired by the season and decided to create two very unique tree ornaments, one featuring two Josephs looking over the baby Jesus and a lesbian counterpart.

COMMENTARY: The right wing’s "War on Christmas"

Truth be told, Muslims, secular progressives and Jews have never been the folks trying to abolish Christmas. Instead, it was once an extreme group of Protestants.

Pope's Christmas message: Gay marriage "threatens" humanity

The Vatican steps up its assault on marriage equality, as Pope Benedict XVI says in his Christmas message that same-sex marriage is destroying the very foundations of the family and what it means to be human.

COMMENTARY: “So This Is Christmas”

The words to this John Lennon song have kept repeating over and over in my head the past few weeks. I just keep thinking: “And just what have I done?”

RGOD2: Silent nights and unholy slaughter

Christmas is also a very painful time for a lot of LGBT people because of its close association with memory, family, belonging and rejection. Yet, by embracing the reality of our experience, we are opened up to its truth and our connection to something much much larger than our individual issues.