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Chris Tina Bruce

Trans Fit: A ball for all

Ever wonder what to do with those big fitness balls? Chris Tina has a number of ways to get the best use out of them.

Trans Fit: How plant sterols can reduce cholesterol

Scientists have known about the cholesterol-reducing properties of plant sterols since the early 1950s, but the secret of improving the solubility of sterols so they could be more easily incorporated into our diets eluded researchers for four decades.

Trans Fit: Build muscle with light weights

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, muscle mass gains have more to do with the overall amount of work done, so the individual performing more reps has more of a chance of gaining mass.

Trans Fit: The vegetarian athlete

This week Chris Tina supplies you with ways to keep fit and athletic even if you are a vegetarian.

Trans Fit: A bit about chocolate

You probably still have plenty of chocolate left over from Valentine's Day and Easter is approaching quickly. Here are the goods on those luscious, melt-in-your mouth chunks of commercial joy.

Trans View: Does transitioning make transgendered selfish?

The actual transition process for a transgender person is a very isolating time and a journey of self discovery, and the rediscovery of the relationships of those people in their lives. The human condition is resistant to change.

Trans View: "Work it" to your advantage

ABC has often been in the forefront when it comes to exploring the lives of LGBT people, but with its latest sitcom, "Work It," did the forward-thinking network suddenly take a step backwards?

Trans View: Characteristics of a transgender person

Educate yourself. Transgender people are not the same as transvestites, cross-dressers, drag queens, or drag kings. Being transgender is about gender identity, whereas being a cross-dresser or drag queen or king is not.