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Taiwan passes marriage equality, a historic first for Asia

Taiwan passes marriage equality, a historic first for Asia.

Taiwan has made history today as it became the first place in Asia for same-sex couples to legally marry. 

Lawmakers on the self-ruled island state approved a bill following two years of preparation to amend existing marriage laws which were deemed unconstitutional in 2017. 

Chinese court rules against gay man's marriage lawsuit

Sun Wenlin will not give up on trying to legally marry his partner in China

A court in China has ruled that two men cannot get legally married, reports Reuters.

Homosexuality is legal in China, however same-sex marriage is not and LGBT couples therefore have no protections.

Many advocates have applauded Sun Wenlin, 26, who filed the suit in the Chinese city of Changsha against a civil affairs bureau.

Gay activists press for rights in China

Gay rights activists in China are increasingly vocal about the right to marry and live free from discrimination.

In China, LGBT and HIV grassroots movements are growing

Increased awareness is changing what was stigmatized treatment of HIV/AIDS in China. This year the country will host its first AIDS Walk, which will include a trek along the Great Wall.

QueerVentures: My search for relevance in China

Since I’ve been in China the last couple of months, I find myself experiencing new emotions and handling situations differently, even silencing my out-spoken “pro-hippie” mentality.