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San Francisco AIDS charity Under One Roof closing Castro shop

As the fight against AIDS in the gay community fades into the background while equality issues such as same-sex marriage take center stage, one San Francisco HIV/AIDS organization is suffering the financial consequences and retooling to ensure its survival.

Gifts from the heart: LGBT groups hoping for year-end donations | VIDEO

As the economic crisis recovers, a number of nonprofit organizations, especially those that provide human services, are seeking year-end donations to help support their programs and services.

Reap Life DIG event at Eden to help Africans impacted by HIV, AIDS

The proceeds from the Eden event will help DIG complete two large orphanage projects in Kenya. Once completed, these gardens will supply 320 students with a healthy lunch every day and another 60 orphaned students impacted by HIV will receive three meals a day from the garden.

Musing with Muscat: Giving back

Find a local charity, donate outdated electronics or just be there for someone else in need. You won't regret it and it builds character!