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Mama's Day raises thousands to feed HIV/AIDS and cancer patients

An estimated 600 people attended the annual Mama's Day fundraiser.

On May 12, 2017 the Hyatt Regency La Jolla Aventine was the site of the 26th Annual Mama’s Day which raises funds for HIV/AIDS and cancer patients who get hot meals delivered to them through Mama’s Kitchen.

This year, the non-profit organization raised $178,900 for the cause and will be able to provide 56,794 households with meals.

COMMENTARY: No matter what you do, you’re gonna die

Cancer doesn’t discriminate – gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Russian, someone everywhere in the world has suffered and died from cancer. If cancer doesn’t discriminate, why should we?

Mama’s Kitchen’s expanded mission includes those with cancer

In 2010, 324,144 nourishing meals were prepared and delivered to the front doors of 509 San Diegans, helping them overcome unnecessary barriers to living happy and healthy lives.

Mama’s Kitchen has been helping those in need since 1990

While the world searches for cures to AIDS and cancer, Mama’s Kitchen is committed to supplying nourishing meals, friendly smiles, and a helping hand to people who are struggling with a life-threatening illness.