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VIDEO: Going purple - Hollywood, media observe "Spirit Day"

Started as an idea by a teenager in Canada last year, "Spirit Day" has taken off as an international movement with high-profile individuals, media, and organizations joining in the call to wear purple on Oct. 20 in support of LGBT youth.

LGBT ally Scott Herman is target of road rage incident

“I believe that in my plight for anti-bullying, a situation such as this will only help me get my message out to other victims of bullying that doing the right thing and having the courage to do it is what will make you a better person.”

COMMENTARY: Benny Cartwright reflects on Nicole Murray-Ramirez controversy

In my opinion, some of Nicole's remarks over the years have not been constructive. I truly believe there could be more tactful, appropriate ways to call out someone with whom there is a disagreement with that would not incite anger and resentment.