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The Blogoweet: Facing our fears and laughing at public foibles

Have you set up your Facebook Timeline? Are you concerned about Google's new privacy policy that goes into effect on Thursday? Do you keep up with the cultural antics that are often displayed via Twitter? Did you get your NOH8 photo yet? Tune in to see Morgan banter about all this and more.

COMMENTARY: Homophobic Tennessee lawmakers can eat my grits!

The father of Matthew Shepard calls out Tennessee lawmakers who are sponsoring bills drastically affecting the LGBT community, and SDGLN Editor in Chief Ken Williams shares in his anger.

Bullied gay teen's suicide note: Insight on EricJames Borges' tragic death at age 19

“We gave him slogans from T-shirts and videos instead of tools. He hadn’t learned the art of removal or the snap and shoulder shrug or even anger, the defenses many of us have had, to learn to survive in this hostile world. Instead, he internalized it, all of it, and really he didn’t understand it.”

Elementary schools and bullying: What students really face

GLSEN report "Playgrounds and Prejudice: Elementary School Climate in the United States" is the first of its kind to examine the incidence of anti-LGBT name calling and harassment.

Anti-gay bullying: Did school district miss student's cries for help?

After enduring anti-gay bullying, an Indiana teenager hangs himself. His mother has now filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, raising questions about who's to blame when a youth commits suicide.