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Brittany McMillan

Laverne Cox and other celebrities go purple for #SpiritDay

Millions of people, organizations, and companies are supporting the fifth annual #SpiritDay today by "going purple." Facebook and other social media platforms are filled with purple profile pictures and other "purplelized" images and many supporters are decked out in purple attire today to stand against bullying and show their support for LGBT youth.

"2 Billion Under 20" showcases millennial excellence

"2 Billion Under 20" wants to change the way young people think about their future and empower them to act fully on their passions no matter how old they are.

Social Media has "gone purple" for #SpiritDay

Spirit Day, founded in 2010 by a Canadian teenager who wanted to take a stand against bullying, has become a worldwide phenomenon in support of LGBTQ youth.

VIDEO: Going purple - Hollywood, media observe "Spirit Day"

Started as an idea by a teenager in Canada last year, "Spirit Day" has taken off as an international movement with high-profile individuals, media, and organizations joining in the call to wear purple on Oct. 20 in support of LGBT youth.