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Brazil: Court ruling effectively legalizes same-sex marriage in Sao Paulo

A judge in the Brazilian state of São Paulo has ruled that gay and lesbian couples in civil unions will no longer have to apply to the courts to have their relationships "upgraded" to marriage, effectively legalizing same-sex marriage in the country's most populous state.

In Brazil, trans woman stoned to death

A 39-year-old trans woman named Madonna is stoned to death in the city of Aracaju, Brazil.

Brazil's top appellate court: Marriage equality is legal

Tuesday’s ruling by Brazil's Supreme Appeals Court overturned two lower court’s ruling against the women, and makes it the highest court in Latin America's largest nation to uphold a gay marriage.

In Brazil, rising Christian evangelism spurs LGBT rights pushback

While Brazil remains the largest Catholic country in the world by number of faithful, devout evangelicals are growing every year and now total around 24 million and some estimates are that by 2045 they will be half of the population.

Brazilian volleyball player comes out after slurs chanted during game

While Rio de Janeiro is routinely ranked as a top destination for gay tourists, watchdog groups say violence against gays is on the rise in Brazil, and the casual homophobia thrown in the face of Santos is an endemic problem, especially in sports and not only in Brazil.