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Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts to allow girls into programs

Boy Scouts unanimously approve accepting girls into their programs.

In a unanimous decision by the board of directors, the Boy Scouts of American announced on Wednesday that they will allow girls to join their programs.

The implementation of this new guideline will begin in 2018 for the Cub Scouts and then in 2019, the Eagle Scouts.

The Eagle dens will remain single gender.

Mormons to withdraw up to 180,000 teens from Boy Scouts

The church covers the cost of troops for congregations, or wards, and kids are highly encouraged to participate.

The Mormon church will withdraw older teenagers from the Boy Scouts of American starting next year, according to a report from the Associated Press.

The religious organization said in a statement on Thursday that the extractions from the program are because they are developing their own youth program.

How Boy Scout bigotry affected my family

I felt violated, because the spirit of Boy Scout bigotry had descended on my home, forcing me to explain to my son that I am not as universally loved as he supposed. This is a state of affairs that my sons had been blissfully unaware of... until now.