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SDAFFL Finale: A champion is crowned

The championship crowns a winner and wraps up the season with a video that features the teams and players of the 2011 Championship Games and is dedicated to them along with all the players, teams, coaches, and supporters of the entire 2011 Season. Video is set to Tina Turner's "Simply the Best."

Girls Night Out: A move to the social side of things

Bianca Waxlax's column moves over to social where we can more appropriately identify and convey all the exciting women's entertainment and social events going on right here in San Diego.

SDAFFL Playoffs Week One: Starting from scratch

With the local flag football season wrapped up and seedings in place, each team entered the playoffs with a fresh slate. It was anyone's game last weekend, with every team offered the option to ascend forward into the sem-finals and even the championship game. They played with heart and soul, but some teams had better luck than others.