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Life Beyond Therapy: Stuck in the (bisexual) closet

I have worked with committed couples where one member of the couple is bisexual and she/he talks about her/his desires with their significant other and together, they negotiate the challenges of being bisexual outside of a committed relationship while remaining in that relationship.

5 tips for dating bisexual people

Being bisexual doesn't mean that we're greedy, cheaters, or attracted to anything that moves!

Google+ event to look at HIV prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will host a Google+ Hangout On Air in recognition of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NGMHAAD) on Wednesday, Sept. 25, from 2-3 p.m. ET.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day | VIDEO

Today, the "B" in LGBT will be celebrated around the globe. Since 1999, Sept. 23 of each year has been set aside for the bisexual community to increase awareness of what some reports call the largest segment of the LGBT community.

Always the stranger: Being out and bi

One of the things I have learned through these years is that being out as bi tends to make me a stranger across the spectrum of sexual orientation.

Why some straight men are romantically or sexually attracted to other men

When I write about straight men who are attracted to or having sex with other men, I receive numerous negative responses, mostly from gay men who have lived in the closet, convincing themselves that they were straight, and may have even had relationships or marriages with women.