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Billie Jean King

"Face The Nation" looks at coming out in pro sports

“Face The Nation” devotes half its hour-long program on CBS on Sunday to discuss how professional sports are changing as diversity and tolerance are put to the test by gay athletes' coming out.

LGBT celebrities tout Obama's achievements for gay community

Jane Lynch ("Glee"), Jesse Tyler Ferguson ("Modern Family"), Zachary Quinto ("American Horror Story"), George Takei ("Star Trek"), Chaz Bono, comic Wanda Sykes and tennis great Billie Jean King appear in the video titled "Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama."

Jane Lynch, Billie Jean King and other high-profile lesbians launch super PAC

A group of high-profile lesbians, including "Glee" star Jane Lynch, tennis legend Billie Jean King and Chicago Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts, have formed a political super PAC called LPAC that will back candidates who support lesbian and women's rights.