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Betty White

LGBT quotes for the year 2011

Everyone has an opinion. Here is a formidable list of quotable quotes referencing the LGBT community in 2011.

Aunt Johnny: Campaign strategies make poor nap fellows

The infamous rabble-rousing, martini-drinking social-empire-of-one attempts to strategize a presidential bid for his best friend and alibi, Betty White, while misfit mutts and snoring celebrities are creating quite the distraction.


Aunt Johnny returns to the scene with yet another hilarious romp with his BFF Betty White, as the two attempt to entertain those troublesome Bachmann's with a bratwurst or two, all male social networks and a bit of college history.

AUNT JOHNNY: Giving up sanity for Lent

Abstinence is bad. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different. As usual, you can blame Betty White for this embarrassing lapse in reasonable judgment.