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BErt & Ernie

Kids give their two cents on Bert & Ernie in new video

Kids weigh in on the Bert & Ernie gay debate.

The recent Bert and Ernie relationship status debate has turned into one of the biggest entertainment stories of 2018.

Despite an article in Queerty in which they interviewed longtime writer Mark Saltzman, and based on his own admission that he fashioned the roommates after his own same-sex relationship, Sesame Street said the puppets are still only friends. 

Bert & Ernie are based on a real-life gay couple

Bert & Ernie based on their creator's same-sex relationship.

In an exclusive interview over at Queerty, they sit down with longtime Sesame Street script and songwriter Mark Saltzman. His work on the children's show won him seven Emmys throughout the years.