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Benny Cartwright

VIDEOS: Tijuana to celebrate 16 years of Pride on Saturday

The Tijuana LGBT community will take to the streets Saturday to celebrate pride and demonstrate for equality. Organizers expect more than 5,000 people from both sides of the border to take part.

WET Finals set for Thursday, June 9, at Bourbon Street

On Thursday, June 9, San Diego PIX will bring on the WET Finals, where winning contestants from the past six months of competition will be invited back to take the stage to win San Diego's ultimate wet underwear contest.

COMMENTARY: Benny Cartwright reflects on Nicole Murray-Ramirez controversy

In my opinion, some of Nicole's remarks over the years have not been constructive. I truly believe there could be more tactful, appropriate ways to call out someone with whom there is a disagreement with that would not incite anger and resentment.

Life with Benny: Approaching 31

What I am learning is that only I can make the changes in my life that I want to see. I can spend my days playing the "blame game" only to find myself more angry, or I can just push through life’s challenges and grab what I want.

Stepping Stone appoints Benny Cartwright to board

“He is a recognized champion in our community and a passionate advocate for its most vulnerable members. His expertise and dedication will help our board of directors shape the future of Stepping Stone.”

Life with Benny: My personal crusade through the fear and stigma of HIV

Even though Benny has been an gay activist for his whole adult life, HIV/AIDS was a constant cloud floating around his head and his heart until just a few years ago, in large part due to the teachings of his youth. He now stands strong in the fight for greater awareness and against the social stigmas that stifled him for years.

Hitting the town with Benny: Deadlines and Dragons

This year with little time to plan, my costume may be amazing, it may be dull, or it may even be a tragic mess, but I am looking forward to spending the weekend with friends celebrating a gays’ favorite holiday! Check out some of the Halloween and non-Halloween events going on around town.