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Barack Obama

Christian Right failed to sway voters on issues

Christian conservatives, for more than two decades a pivotal force in American politics, are grappling with Election Day results that repudiated their influence and suggested that the cultural tide — especially on gay issues — has shifted against them.

RGOD2: After the election, pray for grace

After political campaigns that got incredibly heated and deeply personal, it is time for America to heal. The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle offers timely advice on how to achieve that goal.

COMMENTARY: For the Radical Right, Obama victory brings fury and fear

The reaction to the re-election of our first black president from the radical right ranged from sputtering rage and name-calling to calls for a new Southern secession, mass emigration to Europe, or even the break-up of the United States.


President Obama wins most of the swing states, the popular vote and the Electoral College, according to preliminary results.