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Barack Obama

Obama: "Newtown, you are not alone" | VIDEO

President Barack Obama traveled to Newtown, Conn., on Sunday to meet with the families of those who were lost in Friday's tragic shooting, and to thank first responders for their work. He also spoke at an interfaith vigil for families of the victims.

COMMENTARY: Hate, shoot, mourn

Isn't it time to have a meaningful discussion on common sense gun control?

COMMENTARY: Obama and Romney do lunch!

Recently re-elected President Barack Obama and failed GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney had lunch last Thursday, and what fun it is to imagine their conversation. Perhaps it went something like this. …

OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT: Do something about Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

As Americans and as American Jews, we implore you, Mr. President, to urge President Museveni to oppose Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The future of LGBT Ugandans — and of a world in which human rights are upheld rather than destroyed — depends on you.

COMMENTARY: Too many Twinkies and other befucklement

Catching up with the news: demise of Hostess Brands, sour grapes of Mitt Romney, restless lower regions of David Petraeus and the delusional mind of Brian Brown.