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In Venezuela, gays and lesbians demand equal rights

Dozens of gays and lesbians marched Saturday in the capital city and demanded an end to discrimination against the LGBT community and for civil rights, including marriage equality.

UPDATED! In Mexico, Supreme Court axes same-sex marriage ban

Gay-rights advocates in Mexico today are hailing a ruling by the nation's Supreme Court that says that marriage is not just between a man and a woman, a decision that will have widespread implications throughout the country.

In Argentina, Buenos Aires allows same-sex marriages for tourists

The Buenos Aires City Government will permit foreigners who are just visiting Argentina to get married -- with either opposite-sex or same-sex partners -- within five days of a request to the Civil Registry and only requiring a temporary address.

Argentina's Gender Identity Bill easily passes in Senate

Argentina's Senate votes 55-0-1 to approve the Gender Identity Bill, making it a simple legal procedure for citizens to match their sexual individuality with their identity cards.

LGBT travelers: Check out gay-friendly Rosario, Argentina

With such a rich LGBT history, the Paseo de Diversidad and a thriving LGBT community, it is no wonder that Rosario is recognized as an extremely gay-friendly major city in Argentina. Even Ricky Martin visits here.

In Argentina, gay cruise plans suddenly sink

One of the success stories of LGBT tourism during the past two decades has been the growth of gay-oriented cruises, on ships large and small. But projected sales for Argentina's first gay cruise - planned to sail this past week - sank without trace. What is to blame? Poor product? Poor marketing? Or something else?