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RGOD2: Lou Engle returns to California – and is living here!

Lou Engle's unholy alliance with the Christian conservative movement cost the LGBT community five years in justice delayed, and the LGBT community in places like Uganda still face harassment and imprisonment for the misinformation his organization continues to perpetuate.

Oregon: Teens who beat gay man in park are sentenced

Five masked teens who lured a 24-year-old gay man to a park -- where they beat him, robbed him and called him homophobic names -- have been sentenced to terms ranging from probation to 2½ years in prison.

California: Santa Rosa shooting called possible anti-gay hate crime

Police Sgt. David Linscomb told the local media that it was too early in the investigation to label the incident an anti-gay hate crime, but he did acknowledge that witnesses spoke of the suspect’s derogatory comments against gays and lesbians.