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COMMENTARY: An eyewitness to homophobia, from Uganda to the UN

What should be done when political and religious leaders to deliberately distort cultural heritage to promote fear and hatred of a minority and to develop a contemporary political agenda?

Anger swells over bid to gay-proof Australian beach

A proposed ''gay-proof fence'' designed to stop lewd behavior on the foreshore of a popular nudist beach has divided residents on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, and infuriated equal opportunity groups.

Outrage in Germany: Catholic doctors claim homeopathic "gay cure"

A Catholic doctors' association in Germany believes it can cure the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians with sugar pills -- though only at their request, the group says. But the homo-homeopathy has been harshly criticized by members of its target community.

Despite threats, Moscow Gay Pride vows to march

The international community is urged to support the LGBT activists in Moscow, who are defying the city government that refuses to approve the celebration.