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Letter to the Editor: Southwest flight attendants angered by pilot's slurs

Flight attendants at Southwest Airlines are deeply disappointed and angered by the insensitive, and unprofessional comments demeaning flight attendants that were broadcast by a Southwest pilot over frequencies used by the FAA for air traffic control on March 25, 2011, revealed just yesterday.

El Paso city council rebukes voters, reinstates same-sex partner benefits

Last November, El Paso voters passed an ordinance by a 55-45 margin that ended medical insurance benefits for 19 gay and unmarried partners of city employees that had been recieving taxpayer-funded coverage since the beginning of the year. The city council voted this week to restore those benefits.

Tennesseans challenge anti-gay state law

House Bill 600 prohibits local municipalities and counties, including local school districts, from enacting local laws or school policies that protect LGBT people against discrimination.