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Iran executes three men for sodomy

“This of course contradicts the infamous statement of [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad that gays do not exist in Iran.”

UN reports on violent attacks on LGBT people in Iraq

"It is clear that LGBT persons in Iraq have nowhere to turn. Hunted by religious extremists, ignored by the police and unable to ask their families for help, many have sought to resettle outside of the country. While reports of violence have subsided for the time being, LGBT individuals still face daily persecution."

Gay rights groups baffled by mistrial in slaying of gay classmate

Two prominent gay rights groups expressed their disappointment and dismay after a California judge declared a mistrial late Thursday in the high-profile case involving the slaying of a gay classmate in Oxnard.

Uganda lawmakers quietly reviving "Kill The Gays" bill

Despite international outcry from LGBT advocates and human-rights activists, Uganda's parliament could put the "Kill The Gays" bill up for a vote within a fortnight.

COMMENTARY: Check out Rick Perry's anti-gay history

Recent statements of Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and presidential candidate, emphasize the anti-gay elements that have permeated this GOP primary season. Perry’s views are largely out-of-step with those of mainstream Americans – including people of faith.