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Gay Burundian wins UK asylum after 11-year battle

As a teenager, the gay man and his sister fled Burundi where his family, part of the persecuted Tutsi minority, were massacred. It took 11 years to win sanctuary in the United Kingdom.

In Brazil, rising Christian evangelism spurs LGBT rights pushback

While Brazil remains the largest Catholic country in the world by number of faithful, devout evangelicals are growing every year and now total around 24 million and some estimates are that by 2045 they will be half of the population.

COMMENTARY: Rick Santorum’s homophobic comments show why he is unfit to be President

SDGLN joins the voices who are condemning Santorum and the anti-gay audience, and shaming every single GOP debater on Thursday night who remained silent as homophobia reared its ugly head. We know that not all Republicans are anti-gay or even against the DADT repeal, but you would not know that by watching the debate.

Meet NOM's new face of hate: John C. Eastman

The anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has ousted Maggie Gallagher as chairman of the board and named college professor John C. Eastman in her place.