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More arrests for "gay sex" reported in Northern Cyprus

"Their [the arrested's] dignity was breached when the men were made to undergo anal examinations in a hospital to prove that [the sodomy law] has been breached." -- ILGA-Europe claims.

Activist in Belarus says he was fired for being gay

Alexander Poluyan, a gay activist in Belarus and the editor of Belarusian LGBT portal gayby.net, says he lost his job at British-American Tobacco in Belarus because of his sexual orientation.

In Northern Cyprus, more gays are arrested for homosexuality

A former finance minister is among those arrested for homosexuality. Northern Cyprus is the only country in Europe which retains such laws, in their case a relic of the British Empire.

Cyndi Lauper explains why she gives a damn

Twenty to 40 percent of homeless youth identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, yet only three to five percent of the general population does the same. Shock was the first thing I felt when I heard this statistic, and then sadness that there are so many young people who are either thrown out of their homes or run away out of fear and despair because they are gay or transgender.

SB48 opponents finally admit defeat

Opponents admitted defeat, but also made it clear they are not going away. "Despite the overuse of the term 'tolerance,' there is little tolerance for those who do not endorse the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lifestyles. And there will be more laws passed that advocate for these and attempt to silence any opposition."