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NARTH is now the main source for anti-gay "junk science"

Southern Poverty Law Center exposes the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a tiny group of therapists known for its anti-gay agenda.

Iraqi killings of westernized and gay youth provide chilling lesson about culture wars

Some observers say the furor over Emos is a sign of a larger cultural war pitting religion vs. secular, from those who dream of a society with greater freedoms to those who fear change. It’s a universal story playing out in Iraq and many other countries, including Russia and the United States, where conservative politicians are trying to turn back the clock of civil rights.

Protests at Russian Embassies worldwide condemn anti-gay law

In solidarity with the coalition of Russian human rights organizations opposing the law, the flash-mobs delivered 300,000 signatures collected worldwide that demonstrate the level of global opposition to this proposed law, and employ creative visuals sending a loud and clear message to the Governor of St. Petersburg, who has the power to veto the law: “Don’t Go There Saint Petersburg.”

Supreme Court rejects appeal by NOM to hide donors

The U.S. Supreme Court declined today to hear a constitutional challenge by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOW) regarding a legal ruling in Maine that it violated election laws.