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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A PFLAG mom takes on self-righteous people

Like a sign I saw a PFLAG mom carry at one of the many Pride parades (that she took from MLK's speech) “I have a dream in which my son will be judged not by his sexual orientation, but by the strength of his character.” I have that same dream!

Gay Mormon from Utah kills himself

"Sadly, like many, he was given the 'Sophie's Choice:' live life according to a heterocentric cultural practice and do so alone, without a partner -- or live life without your family of faith and the strength of that spiritual community."

RGOD2: Lawsuit against Scott Lively shows when history and justice rhyme | VIDEO

“Big government” will, no doubt, be blamed for its abuse of religious conscience and his supporters will look to the martyr Scott Lively as a tangible example of the state telling the church what it should believe while persecuting God-fearing, Gospel-preaching Christians.

Utah Governor vetoes abstinence-only sex education law

The measure, House Bill 363, would have also prohibited any instruction in regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other instruction on human sexuality outside of promoting abstinence.

Russian court ruling bans gay group from 2014 Winter Olympics

“The court’s decision discriminates against LGBTI Russians by denying them the right to freedom of association simply because they are gay. The court’s flawed reasoning equates the struggle with homophobia and ‘extremist activities’ that may threaten Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”