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New report reveals anti-gay lobby’s pro-bullying agenda

“It's almost unbelievable that there are organizations dedicated to opposing anti-bullying programs, but they're out there and stronger than ever. These groups are so determined to fight every step of progress for LGBT rights that they’re willing to hurt children and teens in the process. That’s just shameful.”

Judge: Gay student can wear ‘Jesus Is Not A Homophobe’ shirt for 1 day

“We’re glad that Maverick is able to wear his shirt on April 20th. However, a student’s First Amendment rights are not restricted to one day of the year – we will continue to fight until Maverick is allowed to express who he is on any day he chooses.”

RGOD2: The politics of shame, from San Diego to Dominica

Jesus would understand the shaming of LGBT people by devout Christians. His experience of organized religion was similar to ours. His close friends all deserted him because they too were shamed into not having any association with him. Shame isolates.