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anti-gay slur

MLS suspends, fines player for anti-gay slur

Major League Soccer has suspended San Jose Earthquakes forward Alan Gordon for three games for shouting an anti-gay slur at an opponent over the weekend.

White Sox: "No thanks" to Gay Softball World Series invitation

After White Sox second-baseman Gordon Beckham etched an anti-gay slur in the dirt at a July 4th MLB game, the organizers of the GSWS thought they'd use this year's Chicago host locale as a teaching opportunity, but were rebuffed.

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah hurls anti-gay slur at Heat fan

"At a time when the NBA and a growing number of pro-athletes are publicly standing up for equality, it’s too bad Mr. Noah worked against their efforts last night. That said, we’re pleased he quickly realized the error of his ways and apologized.”

Brazilian volleyball player comes out after slurs chanted during game

While Rio de Janeiro is routinely ranked as a top destination for gay tourists, watchdog groups say violence against gays is on the rise in Brazil, and the casual homophobia thrown in the face of Santos is an endemic problem, especially in sports and not only in Brazil.

COMMENTARY: Picked on the playground, lessons from Lakers' Kobe Bryant

If Kobe Bryant’s outburst shows tolerance taking a step backward, it also presents an opportunity to take two steps forward to greater LGBT inclusion. If something good comes out of the scandal, it can be a gradual evolution of attitudes on the court, field or astroturf.

Former NBA player John Amaechi - who is also gay - responds to Bryant

I challenge you to freeze-frame Bryant’s face in that moment of conflict with the referee Bennie Adams. Really examine the loathing and utter contempt, and realize this is something with which almost every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person is familiar.