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anti-gay discrimination

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A PFLAG mom takes on self-righteous people

Like a sign I saw a PFLAG mom carry at one of the many Pride parades (that she took from MLK's speech) “I have a dream in which my son will be judged not by his sexual orientation, but by the strength of his character.” I have that same dream!

The Blogoweet: Facing our fears and laughing at public foibles

Have you set up your Facebook Timeline? Are you concerned about Google's new privacy policy that goes into effect on Thursday? Do you keep up with the cultural antics that are often displayed via Twitter? Did you get your NOH8 photo yet? Tune in to see Morgan banter about all this and more.

COMMENTARY: Obama, Clinton put world on notice over LGBT rights

Now the hard work begins. How will the United States achieve its goals? How will homophobic nations react? Will diplomacy and foreign assistance work to achieve equal rights on a global scale? Will an international dialogue on global gay rights now begin in earnest?