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anti-gay bullying

New report reveals anti-gay lobby’s pro-bullying agenda

“It's almost unbelievable that there are organizations dedicated to opposing anti-bullying programs, but they're out there and stronger than ever. These groups are so determined to fight every step of progress for LGBT rights that they’re willing to hurt children and teens in the process. That’s just shameful.”

COMMENTARY: Are we not all God's children?

LGBT Americans are not treated equally. Heterosexual Americans have many more federal rights. The Religious Right gleefully advocates for anti-gay discrimination. Any wonder why LGBT teens are bullied or commit suicide at an alarming rate? Homophobia must be stopped.

Anti-gay bullying: Did school district miss student's cries for help?

After enduring anti-gay bullying, an Indiana teenager hangs himself. His mother has now filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, raising questions about who's to blame when a youth commits suicide.

VIDEO: GLAAD's Religion & Faith Roundup

Jackie Hockersmith gives a few updates on LGBT religious news happening around the country.

Seth Walsh's mother to honor her son's memory this Wednesday at Eden

Her son took his own life one year ago because of bullying, and Wendy Walsh wants to help make sure K-12 educators are empowered to advocate for other kids like Seth. She will be in San Diego on Wednesday, on the first anniversary of Seth's death, to remember him and raise awareness to these tragedies.