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anti-gay bullying

Dead Australian teen’s mother is now the one being cyberbullied by sick trolls

Amanda Unsworth (right) gets cyberbullied by social media troll, only days after her son's death.

In what should be a time of grief for an Australian mother who lost her son to suicide this month, Amanda Unsworth has instead had to fight off trolls who have taken her son’s identity and pursued her on social media with hateful and disrespectful comments.

More Oregon schools beef up anti-bullying policies

Over 70 Oregon school districts changed their anti-bullying policies last year to better protect students who are LGBT, but nearly one in three school districts still does not comply with state law, a new report has found.

Boy blinded in one eye after anti-gay bullying attack

A 14-year-old Brooklyn boy brutally assaulted by bullies shouting anti-gay slurs has been blinded in one eye, and his family is suing New York City for $16 million, media are reporting.