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Ann Feister

Film, gala on May 20 will benefit new HIV awareness group, the ArcHIVe Project

“The people who participate in the project have likened it to the It Gets Better campaign. They say it feels good to get it off of their own chest, and sharing it for others, letting them know it’s going to be OK. To let them know that someone understands what you’re thinking and feeling.”

Reap Life DIG event at Eden to help Africans impacted by HIV, AIDS

The proceeds from the Eden event will help DIG complete two large orphanage projects in Kenya. Once completed, these gardens will supply 320 students with a healthy lunch every day and another 60 orphaned students impacted by HIV will receive three meals a day from the garden.

VIDEO: New group to help LGBT troops to adapt to life without DADT

MAP is designed to be an intermediary for LGBT military personnel and policy-makers. Much like Servicemembers United, MAP will provide crucial information to service members who otherwise would be left in the dark.

VIDEO: Ask not how San Diego can help you, but how you can help San Diego

“How Can I Help San Diego” is not meant to guilt viewers into helping, but it’s intended to be used as a tool to assist people in making choices that work for their lifestyle and budget. The show simply examines what is, and what could be, the rest is up to us.