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Ann Feister

VIDEO: “Malashock/RAW 2” taps into LGBT themes through modern dance

“It’s skin, sweat and non-stop action, it’s a visceral experience, and you’re going to feel it in your gut. So toss out all of those ideas you might have about modern dance and come to ‘Malashock/RAW’ and you’ll be really surprised at how much you liked it.”

Comic Renee Santos has no regrets about being out

Renee Santos will be headlining the Laugh Out Proud Comedy Show at 8 pm Thursday, Oct. 13 at Martinis Above Fourth. The show is free and open to ages 21 and older.

FilmOut: Three gay men search for love in "The Wishmakers Of West Hollywood"

“The movie was inspired by a series of films in the 1950s about young women who are searching for husbands. ‘How to Marry a Millionaire,’ ‘The Best of Everything,’ ‘Three Coins in a Fountain,’ which is a direct reference to this movie, and the one that I love the title of, ‘The Pleasure Seekers.'”