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Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian and models to visit Hillcrest: Mankind and Rich's

"Sex = Power = Freedom" models: Topher DiMaggio, Matt O'Reilly

Andrew Christian may be best known for his underwear and sexy attire, but the models he chooses to showcase them are equally as refined. 

In his new coffee table book called “Sex = Power = Freedom”, Christian explores both his famous underwear and the muscular men who sell them through pictorials and online catalogs.

Who will be the next Stoli Guy?

Voting is now open for the annual Stoli Guy competition. Contestants from 12 cities are competing for the title which includes a $10,000 cash prize.

Who will be San Diego's "Most Original Stoli Guy?" | VIDEO

The free event, which will feature appearances by celebrities such as Jai Rodriguez and Andrew Christian, will include the competition, music, dancing, Stoli drinks, and fun. Legendary dance-music singer Debby Holiday will also there as a judge and guest artist.