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Allyson Robinson

Trans leader leaving OutServe-SLDN on Friday

OutServe-SLDN executive director Allyson Robinson says she would leave the scandal-ridden organization on July 12 in a posting on Facebook to chapter leaders.

11 OutServe-SLDN chapters demand answers from national board of directors

Leaders of 11 regional chapters of OutServe-SLDN are demanding information from the national leadership about what actually happened on Saturday when the board of directors apparently voted to fire executive director Allyson Robinson, the most visible transgender leader in America.

First-ever Trans 100 list released

The first effort of its kind, the list intends to shift the coverage of trans issues by focusing on the positive work being accomplished, and providing visibility to those typically underrepresented.

Outserve-SLDN sets ambitious goal in State of LGBT Military Service address

Nearly 1,000 service members, veterans, and supporters gathered in Washington for the OutServe-SLDN 2013 National Dinner, and to hear the first State of LGBT Military Equality Address by Allyson Robinson, a U.S. Army veteran and executive director of Outserve-SLDN.