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Ali Forney Center

Harlem preacher will burn “rainbow fag flag," in celebration

Court delays elate the anti-LGBT pastor of ATLAH enough to want to celebrate by publicly burning a Pride flag.

HARLEM, NY. - Reverend James Manning of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York is using an old form of protest to "celebrate" yet another delay in the ongoing battle to keep his conservative and anti-LGBT church from closing. 

Homeless for the holidays: Ending a nation's cruel indifference to homeless youth

At the Ali Forney Center, the nation's largest organization dedicated to housing and supporting homeless LGBT youth, we are witness to a national tragedy and a national disgrace. Scores of LGBT teens who have been driven from their homes by rejecting parents flock to us from across the country. When they become homeless, the overwhelming majority cannot find a shelter bed.

Cowboy's tragedy illustrates plight of homeless living with HIV

An estimated 500 people in San Diego who are living with HIV or AIDS are also homeless, an alarming statistic that shames America's Finest City. And with a slumping economy and high unemployment, the number of homeless people continues to grow.