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County wants laundry money back from Auntie Helen's

The county learned that Auntie Helen’s executive director Michael Dudley used $6,255 for car repairs, carpeting and other spending that was not approved.

Christie's Place in San Diego gets grant from AIDS United

Christie's Place will "explicitly address trauma as a part of comprehensive retention services for women of color in San Diego, and working towards sustainability as the nation moves toward full implementation of the Affordable Care Act."

Ed Koch and the cost of the closet

"There is a special place reserved for Koch in gay hell — because he was mayor during the onset of the AIDS epidemic, which he is widely seen as failing to do enough about, and because it’s commonly assumed that Koch was a closeted gay man."

In Michigan, effort to enforce HIV "health threat" law raises questions

A new University of Michigan study reveals that health officials employ the state's names reporting database, alongside partner services referrals, for law enforcement purposes. However, this is bad social policy for a variety of reasons, the study's author says.

RGOD2: LGBT people face greater visibility, more persecution in 2013

While western democracies cheered at Secretary Clinton’s “gay rights are human rights” speech in Geneva a year ago, a significant coalition of national governments do not share the human rights framework as a basis for protecting their LGBT citizens.